The success of a business development project requires a great deal of evidence-based thinking, which is why our research and consulting department covers a large functional and sectoral panel, such as the development of human capital, support in the
strategic choices and cost optimization 

Our experience in the realization of complex projects for our customers, allowed us to develop powerful tools. An expertise that we make available to our partners in a dual approach for building a sustainable performance of our customers.

The success of all our studies and consulting projects is mainly based on the following 3 axes:

  • Our investment in human capital: thanks to our expert consultants in Finance, Human Resources, Management and Strategy;
  • Our quality approach: represented in all our studies and advice processes;
  • Our agile approach: as a true partner, we make each client project a priority of the firm


Faced with the transformation of management systems, which leads to a permanent evolution of the company’s business lines, continuing training appears as an essential means of adapting the skills of its human resources to changes in the organizational environment.

This is why our firm implements training and support actions for companies in order to provide them with qualified talents able to maintain and develop the balance of the company.

To this end, we have a team of senior consultants in various fields that offers our customers modular training, integrating the organizational specificities and challenges of their activities to establish training à la carte.

Our methodology is focused on a participatory approach, with scenario building and situational awareness of participants for a dynamic and learning environment.

De la définition de la stratégie de recrutement, jusqu’à l’intégration du nouveau collaborateur, notre équipe d’experts peut vous accompagner à tous les niveaux du processus recrutement. L’objectif pour nous, est de vous aider à optimiser votre temps de recrutement, réduire vos coûts mais surtout, permettre à votre équipe RH de se focaliser sur d’autres préoccupations à plus forte valeur ajoutée pour votre entreprise.

Notre service recrutement parfaitement modulable à votre organisation interne, il s’adapte non seulement à vos besoins, mais aussi à votre équipe RH et vos façons de faire. Nous proposons une approche agile et sur-mesure qui s’appuie sur une démarche entièrement participative dans laquelle
vous devenez des acteurs principaux sans avoir à exécuter des tâches opérationnelles et très « time-consuming ».

En marge à cette démarche, nous nous efforçons en permanence à mettre œuvre des prestations de qualité permettant aux jeunes diplômés et cadres expérimentés de leur assurer une recherche d’emploi et un placement conforme à leurs objectifs de carrière.


Every business should have the opportunity to hire a hiring expert to define, identify and recruit the best talent on the market. Because increasing its performance and competitiveness can be conditioned by the quality of its recruitments, it is necessary to put all the chances on its side to get the rare pearls.

From the definition of the recruitment strategy to the integration of the new employee, our team of experts can assist you at all levels of the recruitment process. The goal for us is to help you optimize your recruitment time, reduce your costs and, above all, enable your HR team to focus on other concerns with higher added value for your company.

Our recruitment service perfectly adaptable to your internal organization, it adapts not only to your needs, but also to your HR team and your way of doing things. We propose an agile and tailor-made approach based on a fully participatory approach in which
you become main actors without having to perform operational and very time-consuming tasks.

In addition to this approach, we strive constantly to implement quality services allowing young graduates and experienced managers to provide them with a job search and an investment consistent with their career goals.