Expert in management consulting, Youmann Consulting Group is a firm specializing in strategic and operational support for companies.Our transversal approach allows us to support our clients on different levels. Thanks to our team of management experts, we work on the organizational aspects, human resources and quality. Our slogan ? To enable our clients to maintain a sustained growth of their activities through a perfect control of the performance, a competitive leadership and a adaptability to the change.



The success of a business development project requires a great deal of evidence-based thinking, which is why our research and consulting department covers a large functional and sectoral panel, such as the development of human capital, support in strategic choices and cost optimization


Faced with the transformation of management systems, which leads to a permanent evolution of the company’s business lines, continuing training appears as an essential means of adapting the skills of its human resources to changes in the organizational environment. Our firm implements training actions.


Every business should have the opportunity to hire a hiring expert to define, identify and recruit the best talent on the market. Because increasing its performance and competitiveness can be conditioned by the quality of its recruitments, it is necessary to put all the chances on its side to get the rare pearls.


Evaluation and capitalization study of the local development program of Kolda Region (Senegal)
Capacity Building of IT Department Agents
Technical Assistance for HR capacity building of Agents and Human Resources offices
Permanent mandate of Assistance and Advice in Human Resources at the Regional Office
Capacity building of Niger’s banking and financial sector executives
Establishment of a web platform for investment promotion of African countries
Organizational Reform and Human Resources Study
Establishment of a new HR policy and reinforcement of Human Capital
nternational Technical Assistance to Institutions in the Microfinance and Islamic Finance Sector
Study on the promotion of entrepreneurship and youth employment in the UEMOA area
International Technical Assistance for the establishment of a multi-sector business incubator
International Technical Assistance for the establishment of Multisectorial Incubator of companies in Libreville
Panos Institute West Africa (IPAO)
Organizational and social diagnosis of ecological monitoring of Senegal
Organizational diagnosis and quality
Recruitment and implementation of the Living with Water project staff