Key tips to avoid missing out on new career opportunities

In their career, all employees are constantly looking for opportunities with better prospects for change. But only very few actually manage to find a career opportunity that offers them this opportunity. So, how do you go about listening to new opportunities and find the best? And when we have identified the one that corresponds to our objectives, what to do not to miss? These 4 tips will help you stay the course and stay in control of your decision.
1. Bring your career compass: clear business goals

While it is clear that the volatility of the economic and social environment does not make it possible today to have a visibility of more than 5 years, it is nevertheless important for a manager to set himself personal goals on the medium. term (between 3 and 5 years), particularly in terms of professional development. It begins with simple existentialist questions: what motivates me? what are my priorities? what kind of change is ecological for me and allows me to maintain my internal and external balance? The answers to these questions will help you in the definition of your professional objectives, which will serve as a compass for a better analysis of the opportunities that will be offered to you throughout your career. In keeping with these goals, it is important to ensure that your career opportunity is in either a large, stable group, a non-profit organization, or a startup that is starting or growing.

2. Build self-confidence and be mentally prepared

Trust in yourself, in your strength of conviction and especially in your abilities and opportunities to bounce whatever the circumstances, is essential to make choices and important career decisions, because failures, you will know. Indeed, to refuse a stable and well-paid job within a large group to accept a career opportunity within a startup with great prospects for change certainly requires a good knowledge of one’s personal goals, but also to have a dose of self-confidence. For this, you need to know how much confidence you have in yourself and the levers to act on to build that trust. Evaluation tests exist and make it possible to know your profile of personality and your degree of confidence to better accompany you. Among them, one of the most effective, the Profile PRO 2, allows to evaluate the traits that influence professional behavior and performance. Other tests are offered free of charge, such as the general personality test that candidates have access to on the Kalimbe recruitment platform.

3. Be attentive and visible to recruiters and headhunters

The third important tip to remember in order not to miss out on your career opportunity is to stay informed about trends in your field and industry. For example, you can subscribe to TrendWatching, which today provides the biggest trends in business innovation. Staying informed also requires you to join the professional reference networks in your field. For example, in human resources, the SHRM in the USA, the ANDRH in France, the ASPRH in Senegal, the RIGRH in Côte d’Ivoire, etc. We can also mention the DFGC in the field of Finance in France, the IIA at the international level in the audit and internal control, etc. You also need to be visible to recruiters and headhunters. Your resume then needs to be reworked in line with your goals. Also, do not hesitate to talk and talk with seasoned managers about your ambitions and your professional goals, because they are the ones who will be able to recommend or look for you when career opportunities meet your objectives within your company. . You also have to be LinkedIn and be well referenced on the Internet in general, because more and more recruiters use sourcing strategies involving search engines led by powerful candidate tracking algorithms. It is therefore important for the executive to look after his “personal branding”

4. Know how to ask the right questions and get to know your future employer to seize your new career opportunity

If you are sufficiently informed, then proposals will not be missed. However, do not rush to the first opportunity. You have to evaluate the “employer brand” of your future business. This is easier today with a platform like Glassdoor, which regularly publishes reviews and evaluations in France of companies where it is good to work. If you can not access this type of information in your country, then do not hesitate to research and ask questions about the company; but also during job interviews: for example, what is the frequency and reasons for departures? the outlook for the job? etc. Do not forget to constantly evaluate the link between the job requirements, the business objectives of the company and your personal goals and, above all, to ensure that you maintain your life balance. It is on this condition that you will actually know whether or not you are missing out on a real career opportunity.